Music with Anthony at Caitinara Bar

Holly Kai Park is pleased to announce the launch of the first in our new series of music events:

Music with Anthony

16:00 – 18:00 SLT every Wednesday

At Caitinara Bar

Music with Anthony  launches on Wednesday, February 3rd, and features music provided by Anthony Wesburn, who has been a Second Life DJ for almost 10 years. With a passion for music which is focused on, but not exclusive to, the blues, classic rock and jazz, Anthony describes himself as no walking jukebox. Instead, between playing the tunes, he loves to engage with his audience, sharing tidbits about the music and the artists he’s playing, and sometimes the eras in which they performed.

Caitinara Bar
Caitinara Bar

The venue for Music with Anthony is Holly Kai Park’s beach side Caitinara Bar, a cosy spot adjacent to the beach on the west side of the park, and with moorings available for those who wish to attend by boat (60 minute auto-return, and re-rezzing from the docks).

So why not make a note in your diaries and join us Wednesdays from 16:00 SLT through to 18:00 SLT for dancing, great music and great company? With Art at the Park just a short walk across the beach and along woodland paths, Holly Kai Park, Music with Anthony and Caitinara Bar have a lot to offer!

Caitinara Bar
Caitinara Bar

We look forward to seeing you there!

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