Derry and Bear in the Garden

Shorelines and Solitudes
Shorelines and Solitudes

Opening at noon SLT on Sunday, March 13th, at Holly Garden Art Garden is a joint exhibition by Derry McMahon and Bear Silvershade.

Shorelines and Solitudes presented on the Art Terraces in Holly Kai Garden, features the contrasting but complimentary styles of Derry and Bear. For her Down the Shore Everything’s All Right exhibit, Derry offers a series of color images of shorelines and coastal scenes, while Bear presents more of his stunning monochrome images under the title Solitudes.

Derry McMahon

“When I began work on this exhibit, it was cold dark winter,” Derry says of her exhibit. “I wanted very much to be at my happy place – by the water; but there were snowstorms and flooding and other nasty weather events. Second Life gave me the answer. Plenty of lovely warm pretty beaches to photograph. As Bruce Springsteen says in his Jersey Girl song: …down the shore everything’s all right… It’s true! I hope you enjoy!

Derry started in Second Life in 2007, initially working as an event coordinator and DJ at the West of Ireland. In 2008, she founded, as librarian and storyteller, the West of Ireland Library, which is today known as Seanchai Library.

More recently, she retired from the Library and started to focus on her creativity as a photographer, exploring this virtual world with camera in hand, working hard to develop her skills and create expressive images that revel in the interplay of color, light and form, and now tells her stories via images instead of words. You can see more of her work on her Flickr stream.

Down the Shore Everything's All Right
Shorelines and Solitudes: Derry McMahon – Down the Shore Everything’s All Right

“Jean-Paul Sarte once said, ‘if you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company’. Loneliness and solitude are two different sides of the same coin, with isolation being their common thread.” Bear notes in introducing his exhibit. “But while loneliness brings wretched feelings of estrangement and something missing, solitude is a chance to explore our inner selves, our passions, or just enjoy the tranquillity of union with the universe.”

Bear Silvershade

A photojournalist by profession, Bear discovered Second Life by chance towards the end of 2010 after what he refers to as “getting twitchy three days into a ‘relaxing’ vacation.

Enthralled by a place where there is no limit to creativity and imagination, he has taken the traditional tools of the landscape photographer to abstract the line and form of Second Life, distilling its complexity into elegant, evocative imagery.

You can find more of Bear’s work on his Flickr stream.

Shorelines and Solitudes is an evocative exhibition, marking the second of Holly Kai Parks Art at the Garden series. We’re pleased and honored to have Bear and Derry with us at the Garden, and their exhibit runs through until Tuesday, April 5th.

We will have news of a special Shorelines and Solitudes celebratory event in an upcoming blog post – so stay tuned!

Shorelines and Solitudes: Bear Silvershade – Solitudes

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