Sharing Stories at the Park – April

Stories at the Park - Holly Kai Park
Stories at the Park – Holly Kai Park

Stories at the Park, is a series presented by Seanchai Library, which coincides with each of our Art at the Park exhibitions at Holly Kai Park. At each event, members of Seanchai Library will read stories or poems inspired by selected works of our Invited Artists. Each story must be precisely 100 words in length, no more, no less (known as a “drabble”), while poems  can be of any form, so long as they do no exceed 100 words.

The first Stories at the Park session took place on Sunday, April 3rd, marking the February-March Art at the Park exhibition, and featured stories and poems written by Caledonia Skytower and Kayden Oconnell and inspired by our Invited Artists, Io Bechir, Goodcross, Hana Hoo, Mistero Hifeng and Sisse Singh.

Over 15 people attended this first session, with some arriving early to visit the displays at the Park’s hilltop exhibition area, and others lingering afterwards to do likewise. Caledonia and Kayden have graciously given us permission to reprint their works in this blog for those unable to attend the event. To make reading easier, the stories and poems have been divided by artist, with each artist having an individual page of the stories written for their works by Caledonia and Kayden, an image of the art appearing alongside its story or poem.  In addition, some of the works include an audio recording of the actual reading for your enjoyment.

Holly Kai Park: Art at the Park and Stories at the Park
Holly Kai Park: Art at the Park and Stories at the Park

Follow the links below for more.

Note: all written works by Caledonia Skytower ©2016 by Judith Cullen and all works by Kayden Oconnell © 2016 by Kevin Lee. Reproduced with the permission of the authors. If you plan to reblog any or all of the poems and stories, please ensure you have the authors’ written consent first.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Stories at the Park – April

  1. It sounds like the perfect virtual afternoon!! Wonderful stuff by all! Many thanks Inara and what a grand idea. I hope there will be more. ( PS pop by for The Siren’s Bones that I’m working on)


    1. Thank you! Credit goes to Cale and Kayden for all their hard work – and yes, there will be more Stories at the Park to come! Will hop over to Siren’s Bones soon! 🙂 .

      Liked by 1 person

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