The spies who loved me: Weds April 6th

The Spies Who Loved Me
The Spies Who Loved Me

Join us from 4:00pm through 6:00pm on Wednesday, April 6th for a Music With Anthony special at Caitinara Bar.

The Spies Who Loved Me kicks-off the first in our new month “dress up” (or fancy dress, if you prefer) session at Caitinara Bar with our Wednesday DJ, Anthony Westburn. For two hours we’ll be celebrating the spies, sleuths, femme fatales, evil geniuses, henchman and more of the silver and small screen, and the music over the decades which has defined them.

From the boisterous beauty of Shirley Bassey and reflections of the passing decades with great bond songs over the decades, to Moby and the electronic fuzz and beat of Bourne, with a whole range of artists and styles in between.

Spy films have defined the music we’ve listened to as much as anything else – and it might just surprise you as to how many popular songs and artists have found their way to supporting our favourite tales of spies, sleuths and agents over the years.

So, put on your best spying or sleuthing outfit, or dress to thrill as Anthony brings us The Spies Who Loved Me.

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