The spies who came out in the sun

The Spies Who Loved Me
The Spies Who Loved Me – Bree and KB (foreground) lead the dancing at Caitinara Bar

On Wednesday, April 6th, Caitinara Bar hosted the first of our monthly “dress-up” theme nights as a part of our Midweek Music with Anthony series. Intended to be a little bit of fun for regulars and newcomers alike, the evenings will feature a combined theme for the music and  the opportunity for people to come in costume.

Anthony looked quite the Pierce Brosnan Bond
Anthony looked quite the Pierce Brosnan Bond

We decided to kick-off with The Spies Who Loved Me, focusing on the music from the world of spy films and TV series, with a little touch of sleuthing for those who preferred. Some obvious choice of costumes presented themselves for this: black (or white) tuxedos from the men, slinky catsuits for the ladies, or perhaps bowler hats and brollies for the men and slinky evening dresses for the ladies, with all point in between.

Anthony “007” Westburn, with a Licence to Spin, provided core of music spanning the era of James Bond, into which was woven some theme from show, and music you might not associate with spy films – such are Dire Straits (as featured in Kingsman: The Secret Service). or Secret Agent Man, a hit from the 1960s, but which was actually the alternative theme music for the TV series Danger Man, when it aired in the USA.

The costumes were as varied as the music. Alicia and Kerena arrived with trench coats belted and broad-rimmed hats pulled low over their eyes, clearly surveying whilst avoiding being identified. Boudicca evoked the era of Mata Hari, bringing exotic grace and beauty to the bar, while Romie opted for an Agent 99-esque look.

Meanwhile, John and Eles recalled Agatha Christie’s 1920s amateur sleuths-come-spies, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. Tuxedos among the men were  obviously much in evidence, while Caitlyn took to a Bond girl catsuit to contrast with my own Emma Peel-ish choice of dress.

Romie, Eles and John and Boudicca
Romie, Eles and John and Boudicca

As well as the music, anecdotes and stories about various films and programmes were told and preferences for Bond were exchanged as everyone took to the dance floor (except for poor Edith, who arrived a little famished after a hard day, and so opted to avail herself of the bar’s range of meals!). Friends dropped in as time allowed before departing again, and everyone seemed to have a good time, right up until the last track played, bond topping and tailing the evening – as  is only right.

Alicia, Kerena and Eduardo
Alicia, Kerena and Eduardo

Music With Anthony takes places at Caitinara Bar at Holly Kai Park every Wednesday from 4:00pm through 6:00pm SLT, and all are welcome to join us for dancing, conversation and fun. Our next “dress up” evenings over the coming months comprise:

  • Buckskins’n’Boots (country & western) – May 11th
  • Pork Pie Hats and Sunglasses (Blues Bros / blues, etc.) – Jun 8th
  • Sounds of the 60s – July 6th
  • Wednesday Night  Fever (’70 and ’80 disco) – Aug 10th

Hope to see you at least one of these events, or any Wednesday evening for Music with Anthony, and don’t forget you can keep up with our weekly series of events at the bar – and everything else going on at Holly Kai Park through this blog and our events calendar.

Be seeing you!


2 thoughts on “The spies who came out in the sun

    1. Glad to have you both with us – and that you enjoyed the fun 🙂 . Tommy and Tuppence just felt so right for you both, and the books are a fun read as well!


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