Sounds of the Sixties at Caitinara Bar

 On Wednesday, July 13th, we will again be hosted another Music with Anthony special at Caitinara Bar. From 4:00pm through 6:00pm we’ll be travelling back to the 1960s to enjoy the Sounds of the Sixties.

More than any other decade of the 20th century, the Sixties were the decade of a revolution. Motown Record Corporation was born as the decade was born, while in the UK the Merseybeat took the country by storm and in London and the south, bands like the Rolling Stones and The Kinks were starting out, eventually joining with the likes of The Beatles to headline the British Invasion of the United States, where  the Velvet Underground, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and the Beach Boys were bringing forth new musical styles.

This was the decade of teenager Lesley Gore, who hit Bllboard’s No. 1 at the age of 17 with her self-penned It’s My Party, and went on to score hits with Judy’s Turn to Cry, She’s A Fool and  You Don’t Own Me, among others. It was the time when acid rock had an early birth when a nascent Grateful Dead was born (originally calling themselves The Warlocks). It was also the time when Simon and Garfunkel came to prominence, while Nancy Sinatra was swinging in the footsteps of her still popular dad. It also saw the birth of groups and bands which were to dominate the 1970s – such as the Bee Gees, Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin.

And, of course, it was most famously seen out by Woodstock.

And that’s barely scratching the surface! So, whether you choose to follow the trends of the early sixties with skirts or suits, or whether you go for flowers in your hair, kaftans and beads, why not join us at Caitinara Bar and celebrate this most seminal of decades in the 20th century?

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