A 60s celebration at Caitinara Bar

Sounds of the Sixties
Sounds of the Sixties

On Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 we held Sounds of the Sixties, one of our Music With Anthony themed evenings at Caitinara Bar with optional fancy dress. We chose the decade as it is perhaps one of the most iconic, musically, of the 20th Century, featuring everything from Beatlemania, the birth of Motown and prog rock, all the way to Woodstock.

While the evening seemed to be enjoyed by everyone, it almost didn’t go that way – just over 90 minutes before kick-off we had word from Anthony that due to local storms in his area, his Internet was out (or at least very unstable), and he might not be able to provide the music. Fortunately, Joy Canadeo, who features at the Bar every Friday, was able to step in, and in very short order put together a playlist, which together with requests from guests, made the evening swing – so much so that two hours was barely enough time to fit everything in!

Sounds of the Sixties
Sounds of the Sixties

Many of those attending dressed for the part, so mini skirts, leathers, kaftans, swimsuits and more were on display – we even had a tribute to the times with John sporting ‘Nam fatigues. The conversation through the evening was as varied as the music from the era, and in some ways reflected the period. Back in the 1960s, space exploration and Apollo were very much the talk of the times, and our event was marked with discussions on deep space exploration, notably the Juno mission to Jupiter!

With requests coming in all the time as people enjoyed the evening, Joy did a fantastic job in covering for Anthony, who sadly couldn’t get in-world himself to share the time with use, despite hoping his connection issues would settle down and allow him to spend at least some time with us. Caitlyn and I both hope his problems have been resolved, and again pass on our thanks to Joy for stepping forward on very short notice.

Sounds of the Sixties
Sounds of the Sixties

Music with Anthony, from 4:00pm through 6:00pm on Wednesdays, is one of three weekly DJ events we hold at Caitinara Bar. On Friday, Joy has her own spot, Smooth Fridays with the Joyriders, again between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, and on Sundays, Kess Crystal spins out the tunes between 12:00 noon and 2:00pm for Feel Good Sundays.

The Bar is open house, so folk are welcome to join us at any of these events – so do please feel free to come along on any Wednesday, Friday or Sunday when you feel in the mood for a dance. In addition, our next themed fancy dress evening will take place on Wednesday, August 10th, when we’ll move forward to the mid-Seventies and the sounds of the disco era, with Wednesday Night Fever!

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