KB Byk at Caitinara Bar – Wednesday, Sept 21st, 2016

Caitinara Bar
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holly%20Kai%20Estates/237/197/22Caitinara Bar

Anthony is taking a well-earned vacation this week, but rather than having us miss Wednesday’s Music with Anthony, he’s arranged for fellow DJ KB Byk to play the tunes.

So, on Wednesday September 21st, KB will be at Caitinara Bar at the usual time of 4:00 though 6:00pm SLT to present a special Music with KB, featuring the best in Motown and R&B as well as requests from the dance floor.

KB Tux
DJ KB Byk, Wednesday, March 30 at Caitinara Bar

Be sure to mark the time in your calendars and hop across to Holly Kai Park and Caitinara Bar for two hours of great music and company.

And don’t forget that if you live on or near Blake Sea, to can always sail over to the bar and the beach on the west side of Holly Kai Estate, where the moorings are free (2 hour auto-return, re-rezzing available).

And if you fancy coming before the set, don’t forget we have some great art on display at the studios adjoining the bar, and Holly Kai Park is just a walk over the bridge, with places to sit (and cuddle!) an new trails and tracks to discover!

If art is your thing, don’t miss Silas Merlin’s studio and sculpture terrace – if you haven’t seen Silas’ work, you’re in for a treat! Also very much deserving a visit in Reflections at Midnight, a fabulous interactive 3D space on show between the two studios. Just make sure you have Advanced Lighting Model enabled in your viewer, set your viewer time to midnight, and take a seat! There’s also a special ambient music stream just for Reflections as well!

There’s always something going on at Holly Kai Park – art, music, and, coming soon, stories in live voice! So be sure to keep an eye on this blog and our events calendar. And don’t forget you can subscribe to either our in-world group or our subscribe-o-matic group (doesn’t use an in-world group slot) to receive all the news and information about Holly Kai Park.

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