Holly Kai Art at the Park: New Exhibition

Art at the Park: October 2016
Art at the Park: October 2016

Art at the Park returns to Holly Kai Park for October, the first exhibition of art to take place since we’ve completed renovating the hill-top art display area at the top of the steps from the landing point.

For this exhibition, we are both pleased and privileged to be featuring the work of four talented artists, who between them offer a rich diversity of art and styles. They are: Anibrm Jung, John Brianna, Giovanna Cerise and Wildstar Beaumont. To make up the numbers after one of our guests had to drop out, is Inara Pey.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 24th and runs through until Sunday, October 23rd.  A special gala opening for Art at the Park will take place on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 from 2:00pm SLT.  Erin68 Frog and Satin will be providing the entertainment for the first hour, with music streamed thereafter.

Formal attire is requested for this event, which will take place at Art in the Park dance area, surrounded on three sides by the exhibited art.

About the Artists

Anibrm Jung

anibrm-jungIn the physical world, Anibrm Jung is an award-winning photographer for her sensitive and vibrant portraits of nature’s works of art.

Using only natural light and her Nikon D60 digital camera she captures the intimate detail of the life bursting forth in her garden. Framing at the viewfinder, Ani uses no cropping or image manipulation, allowing us to see exactly as she sees and to feel the closeness to nature that is her joy.

Ani, 47, is from the Netherlands and has been active in SL since December, 2006

John Brianna

John Brianna (Johannes1977 Resident) is a veritable powerhouse in Second Life. He is the founder of the Kultivate family of brands focusing on SL art and fashion, and is the owner / curator / operator of the Windlight Art Gallery in-world. He is also a member of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Advisory Board.

john-briannaIn 2015, John co-founded Team Diabetes in Second Life, officially representing and supporting the American Diabetes Association. And if all this weren’t enough, he is also a DJ and club owner!

In the physical world, John serves as an officer in the United States Marines, and has been deployed to Iraq twice and once to Afghanistan. While on deployment, he would take photographs as a means of documenting his view of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, some of which have been featured in exhibitions in-world. His broader catalogue of photography and art, which mixes both the physical world and the virtual, has been widely displayed across Second Life.

Giovanna Cerise

giovanna-ceriseGiovanna Cerise is one of Second Life’s most celebrated 2D and 3D artists. An Italian literature teacher and musician, Giovanna joined Second Life in 2008, and her art has been widely displayed both in Second Life and the physical world. Working on both individual pieces and large-scale installations, Giovanna frequently combines her passion for literature and music with her art, as can be seen from her installations such as Tristan und Isolde (reviewed here) and Soul of Colours (which is reviewed here).

Giovanna has exhibited at numerous Second Life Birthday celebrations, at the LEA, with the University of Western Australia, at Split Screen, MetaLES, and more, as well as participating in BURN 2 and 2LEI, and exhibitions opposing violence against women. In the physical world, her work has featured in exhibitions at locations such as Arte Fiera di Padova, alongside the work of artist Patrick Moya (aka Moya Janus), the  Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and at The Projecto, Nucleo de Desonvilmento Cultural na Republica das artes in Portugal. He art has also been included in the book Sfiorami l’anima, by the poetess Cinzia Dipace. 

Wildstar Beaumont

wildstar-beaumontWildstar  joined Second Life in 2007,  and quickly became involved in SL photography after being asked to take the photos at a friend’s in-world wedding. That gained him a reputation as a wedding photographer, and his interest grew from there, including entering various photography competitions.

It was one of these contests which led to Wildstar becoming the official photographer of the Second Life Shakespeare Company (active until around 2010). Since then he has become an official photographer for Relay For Life and for Prim Perfect magazine, as well as for the popular Designing Worlds Second Life TV show, where his work features in weekly slide shows.

Wildstar considers himself first and foremost a landscape photographer, and his has a particular love of deep blues and reds in his work, as well as enjoying playing with shadows.

Inara Pey

Inara Pey has been active in Second Life for almost ten years. Responsible for Living in a Modemworld, a blog on all aspects of virtual worlds and with a particular focus on Second Life, she pretty much stumbled into photography as a means to provide illustrations for her blog posts, rather than out of any intent to become a photographer. As she as also writing this piece, she’s saying nowt else, as it could seem terribly self-serving! 🙂 .

Stories at the Park – A Live Voice Event

On Sunday, October 16th, 2016 from 3:00pm SLT, Seanchai Library will present Stories at the Park, featuring the reading of 100-word stories and poems inspired by the art on display at Holly Kai Park.  Stories at the Park coincides with each of our Art at the Park exhibitions, and takes place at the Storyteller’s Garden, in the centre of the exhibition space. Please join us for this special celebration of the artists’ work.

Holly Kai Park - the story garden seen from overhead, and the location for Stories at the Park.
Holly Kai Park – the story garden seen from overhead, and the location for Stories at the Park.

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