Halloween weekend at Holly Kai Park

Art at the Park opening, October 29th, 2016
Art at the Park opening, October 29th, 2016

It was a busy weekend at Holly Kai Park. On Friday 28, there was the second helping of Ghouls’n’Ghosts at Caitinara Bar, featuring DJ Joy Canadeo, who dressed for the occasion with hosts Inara and Caitlyn, with all our Friday guests also in costume. Mist was creeping across the bar dance floor and over the beach sands and even ghosts joined the dancing, flickering in and out of view!

Then, on Saturday 29, we had the opening of our latest Art at the Park exhibition. The November display, which you can read about in Inara’s preview,  includes photography and art by Sheba Blitz, Maxi Daviau, Skinnynilla, Terrygold and Sorcha Tyles.

The opening featured singer Winston Ackland making his first appearance at the park – and I am sure it won’t be his last! The music was perfect for the event, and everyone on the dance floor enjoyed it, while those looking around the art all showed their appreciation for his singing as well.

Thank you all to everyone who came along, and don’t forget the art will be on display until the last weekend of November, and there will be another Stories at the Park event with Seanchai Library reading stories and poems inspired by the art, on Saturday November 20.

The audience and storytellers arrive for The Great Boo!, Sunday, October 30th
The audience and storytellers arrive for The Great Boo!, Sunday, October 30th

On Sunday  October 30 we returned to a Halloween theme for The Great Boo! organised by our friends at Seanchai Library. It was the first voice event to be held at our new Storyteller’s Circle, and it really got things off to a great start.

The circle was specially decorated  with mist, clouds, cobwebs, ghosts, graveyards and evil pumpkins, with the storytellers and audience sitting around a blazing fire to keep wicked spirits away.

Boudicca Amat, Dubhna Rhiadra, Caledonia Skytower, Trolley Trollop, Crap Mariner , John Morland and Bryn Taleweaver  read classics such as Poe’s The Mask of the Red Death, short stories by Neil Gaiman, native American Indian legends, original 100-word stories and more. Our thanks to all of them for lending their talent to the afternoon and making it such a success, and thank you to all who came along and joined the audience for all or part of the time.

We hope to bring more story and voice events from the Storyteller’s Circle at Holly Kai Park, starting in the New Year. I hope you will join us for some of them, and continue to support Art at the Park, the music at the Bar and Stories at the Park. And of course, the park is always available for leisurely walks, with places to sit and relax and just enjoy the scenery.


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