A new look for Holly Kai

The New look for the northeast side of Holly Kai Park
The New look for the northeast side of Holly Kai Park

We have been busy during the last two weeks making changes to a part of Holly Kai Park, and we are delighted to say that almost all the work is now completed, and we are looking forward to inviting visitors to enjoy the new areas in the Park and enjoy some of the new and updated facilities.

After Nber Medici, the park’s patron and owner, asked for room to be made to display some art from her personal collection, Inara Pey went to work re-designing and rebuilding the northeast corner of the park, where we used to have the Art Garden and Caitinara Bar, while I helped with the general landscaping.

The new art gallery and outdoor display area for Nber's art collection
The new art gallery and outdoor display area for Nber’s art collection

The biggest change is that the Art Garden and beach has been replaced by a new rock plateau which extends out to the north from the Art Park, and is connected to it by footpaths and stairways. This new plateau will be the home to Nber’s art collection in the near future, but at the moment is still being developed – although people are welcome to visit.

There is also a new 3D art area between the cliffs of the plateau and the sea. This will feature some interactive 3D art pieces from Nber’s collection and donated to the Park by Frankx LeFarve.

A new waterfall on Holly Kai River
A new waterfall on Holly Kai River

The Park Walk, which runs right around the park, has been extended to include the new build, which can be accessed directly from the moorings on the east side of the Park.

If you are a regular at Caitinara Bar, don’t be alarmed! The bar has not vanished, but it has moved underground and has a brand new look. It will continue to host music events every Wednesday and Friday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm SLT.

Inside Caitinara Bar
Inside Caitinara Bar

Some of the SLurls for the Park have been updated, and subscribers to and members of our information groups will be sent updated LMs very soon.

We look forward to seeing you at Holly Kai Park, and hope you enjoy the new look. Don’t forget, you can also find us in the Second Life Destination Guide.


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