Sky Gardens

The Sky Gardens

As a part of the recent Filling the Cauldron event, nine stunning gardens will built on a platform above Holly Kai Park. Earch garden, 45 metres on a side, features creation by Elicio Ember, the filling the Cauldron beneficiary, brought together in a set of stunning designs by nine talented creators.

Originally, the gardens were to have been taken down following the end of Filling the Cauldron, but we’ve requested the nine gardeners leave their creations in place for a couple of weeks so that more people can enjoy them.

The overall winner, by Eclair Martinek

The gardens – which you can read more about here – were all built as a part of a competition, which saw a mix of public and adjudicated votes determine three finalists, with Elicio Ember selecting the overall winner.

On offer to that winner was a L$5,000 gift card to spend at Elicio’s store, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, and the opportunity to have their garden displayed at the upcoming RFL Home and Garden Expo, with the two runners-up receiving Cerridwen’s Cauldron gift cards to the value of L$3,000.

Runner-up: Oscelot Haalan

These three finalists are denoted on the garden platform by signs numbered “1” for the winner, and “2” for each of the runners-up. However, Elicio was so impressed with all of the designs, he insisted that all of the remaining six entrants each receive a L$500 gift card as well!

If you haven’t visited the gardens already, I do urge you to do so; they are quite fantastic to see, and we’ve set them under a suitable Windlight (“[TOR] SCIFI – Purple wisps & egg yolk” if your viewer doesn’t wt it automatically, and if you have custom windlights installed).

Runner-up: Opal Lei

To see the gardens, hop over the Holly Kai Park welcome area, where you can find a teleport “mirror” in the corner of the gazebo, next to the steps leading down onto the art hill. Touch the “mirror” for a list of destinations, click “2” and then touch the teleport beam.


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