Nips and tucks at the park

Holly Kai Park: Welcome Area (l) and art hill steps (centre). Click any image for full size

Following the end of filling the Cauldron – indeed, thanks in part to it – we’ve made a few minor changes at Holly Kai Park, which will hopefully make for a more enjoyable experience for both our visitors and our invited artists.

The most obvious change is the new landing point. This now coincides with the gazebo put up for Filling the Cauldron, and which has been turned into a little welcome centre. The banners display various parts of the park, there’s a greeter which will hand people it hasn’t previously recorded a note card and landmark. This might not be entirely foolproof, but it should hopefully not spam repeat visitors most of the time.

Teleport “mirror”

The steps up to the Art Hill from the moorings have also been replaced with steps to match the welcome area and also the new “gate” sitting at the front of the art events area. The gazebo, steps and gate all came from Elicio Ember, and were used with Filling the Cauldron as noted, but they seem to fit the look and feel of the park, so we decided to keep them on – another “gate” marks the new path and steps on the west side of the Art Hill providing more direct access down to the Pavilion.

As well as the giver, the welcome gazebo has some seating, various info kiosks, a board showcasing the park (and which will also advertise events), and, perhaps most importantly, the teleport “mirror”.

There are a number of these “mirrors” around the park – the gazebo, the Pavilion landing point, outside Caitinara Bar, for example. They sort-of look like a mirror (or window) through which you can “see” the other locations at the park. Just touch one for a dialogue box of available destinations, click the number corresponding to where you’d like to go, then click the white beam when it appears. Simples!

Another change – thanks to a seed planted by Saiyge Lotus – is a re-vamped”stage” area at the Art Hill events area (used for art exhibition openings, etc). This now uses Elicio’s basalt columns to give a more unusual focal-point for events held there.


The “stage” area for the Art Hill and the new art display tents in the background. 

The final major change – which may or may not remain – is that the open-topped  / sided art decks have been replaced with large tent-like stalls based on the ones used for the FTC Marketplace. Whether or not these remain in use will depend on the feedback from the first group of artists to try them out.

And lastly, a small tweak has been made to the Stories at the Park area in the centre of the Art Hill. Our storytellers now have somewhere to sit down! This gives them the choice of standing or sitting when telling their stories / reading poems.

Seats for our storytellers under the shade of the tree!

The next thing to do is to get the Art At The Park art series back up and running. That’s already in hand. We also have the Sky Gardens available for people to enjoy (see this post for more). In the meantime, we hope you’ll hop along to Holly Kai Park and have a wander around.


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