Further small changes at the park

The updated watchtower / castle ruins

We’re gearing up from a resumption of Art at the Park at Holly Kai Park (finally!), but in the meantime there are still some changes in progress or on the horizon.

The most noticeable change for those who enjoy the park is on the south side of Holly Kai River, where the old watchtower ruins have been expanded into more of a set of castle ruins alongside the duck pond. The land has been reworked to offer more of a flat area which might be used for small outdoor events with the tower and walls acting as a backdrop.

The expanded ruins from the west side approach by the duck pond

Overlooking the river, the ruins are separated from the water by an old stone wall, while on the riverbank near the towers is a little picnic corner for people to enjoy, with single and couple poses.

An arch through the tower walls provides access to and from them from the Park Walk which runs along the boundary of the southern side of the park. This has also had a little bit of a makeover, with the paths being revamped to more close match the rest of the trails through the park.

The revised Park Walk on the south side of the park

There will be more changes coming over the next 2-3 weeks, some of which we’re very excited about. News on these as they happen. Once they are nicely bedded-in however, the art exhibitions will be resuming on Art Hill, and details on the first line-up will be appearing in these pages very soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget the park is open to everyone to enjoy, and we still have the Sky Gardens available to visitors. Just grab the teleport “mirror” from the Welcome gazebo at the park, and play them a visit. You can also read about them here.

Holly Kai Park Landing point.

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