Back to the 80’s at Caitinara Bar

We’re having an 80’s evening at Caitinara Bar this Friday, May 19th, from 4:00pm through 600pm!

DJ Joy Canadeo will be spinning out the tunes and taking requests, and we’re inviting everyone to come along dressed for the occasion.

The 80s were a decade of changes for music – disco lost its popularity while dance music, new wave, soft rock, hard rock and glam metal took to the airwaves.

MTV arrived, and the brightest stars of the decade included Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, Prince, Culture Club, and of course their were the perennial greats like David Bowie.

It was the decade in which music exploded in so many directions, it’s nigh-on impossible to list all of the names that rose to prominence, and in which so many of us gained our first lasting exposure to a rich cross-section of musical genres.

This was also the decade of mixed fashion styles, from the muted tones of the early 80s, when dressing like a tennis player was popular, through to the wild fashions younger people took too as a result of the growing influence of MTV – notably in the USA. Thanks to Dallas and Dynasty (and MTV!) shoulder pads became a thing, while velour, spandex and silk were popular, while mini shorts made a comeback and parachute pants made a début. This was the era of skinhead and big hair, perms, ponytails and mullets, power suits and brand names.

So, why not arm yourself with a few requests, pull out your best danceacise outfit, leggings and fanny pack, or grab your ripped jeans, printed t-shirt, down vest and ran bans and head on over? Or maybe the Miami Vice look is more your style, or a little bit of an Adams And The Ants inspired New Wave look is more to your liking?

Whatever you fancy, 80’s wise, we hope we’ll see you at Caitinara Bar!


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