Bumper Boats at Holly Kai Park

We’ve added a new attraction at Holly Kai Park: Bumper Boats!

A new Bumper Boat pool can be found next to the Pavilion, our live events floating stage, and visitors are invited to have fun rezzing a boat each and motoring around on the water playing a kind of floating bumper cars – or, if you want, there is also the chance to play Bumper Buoy.

The rainbow rezzer (right) for those wanting to have a little fun on the water and the Bumper Buoy scoreboard and boat rezzers for team games!

Those wishing to just putter about on the water can rezz a boat each from the Bumper Boat rainbow rezzer. This will assign a random colour and number to each boat. Simply jump into the boat, select your seating size (adult, child or TD for Tiny), and off you go!

The controls are simple:

  • UP arrow / W to move forward
  • LEFT arrow / A to rotate or turn left
  • RIGHT arrow / D to rotate or turn right
  • DOWN arrow / S to reverse
Caitlyn bumps Inara while playing Bumper Boats

(Use of letter keys requires you have the viewer set to recognise these keys as movement keys.)

If you have group of friends, you can play Bumper Buoy using the scoreboard and blue and red bumper boat rezzers.

Bumper Buoy is a goal-scoring rugby-type game played on the water, the aim being to score a number of goal (five by default) before your opponents. Teams can be any size, but give the size of our play area, we recommend no more than 4 or 5 per team.

Holly and Inara 1-on-1 with Bumper Buoy!

Instructions on game play and using the scoreboard options are providedĀ  via the How To Ply touch panel on the scoreboard.

The Bumper Boat pool can be reached via any of the park’s Teleport Mirrors (and has its own Mirror for jumping to other places in the park), so fining it from the Holly Kai Park Welcome Area is easy: touch the mirror, select the correct destination from the dialogue box, and touch the beam!

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