Holly Kai welcomes Seanchai Library

Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park

We are pleased to announce that Seanchai Library, one of Second Life’s oldest spoken word programmes and which is now in its tenth year, is joining the Holly Kai Park family.

A partnership between Seanchai Library and Holly Kai Park started  in 2016 with the launch of Stories at the Park, a companion series of Holly Kai Park’s Art at the Park, which sees members of Seanchai Library and friends write short stories and poems about the art featured in each Art at the Park exhibition, with the stories presented in Voice during a special reading session held amidst the art displayed at the park.

Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park

The new arrangement means that Seanchai Library will be operating from a new headquarters, located in the south-east corner of Holly Kai Park (formerly the Storyteller’s Circle), which is a short walk from the park’s Welcome Area. From their new headquarters in Second Life, which is currently being  furnished and landscaped, Seanchai will continue their weekly series of story telling and reading in Voice, with the first events in their calendar set to take place from mid-June 2017, alongside the resumption of Art at the Park.

Seanchai Library, founded in March of 2008, has been based at Bradley University, hosted by the Community Virtual Library (CVL), since 2010. However both Seanchai and CVL are both facing crossroads in their organisational lives; for Seanchai Library, this means taking the turn to establish a new home in Second Life. However, the move does not in any way signal the end of the relationship shared by Seanchai and CVL, as Caledonia Skytower, representing Seanchai Library, noted in  the official press release marking the move to Holly Kai.

Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park

This is not a ‘good bye and good luck’ move,” she stated. “One of the great strengths of virtual worlds is the ability for it to break down barriers, including those of proximity. While the move to Holly Kai provides Seanchai Library with some new opportunities, it does not do so to the exclusion of other relationships. We believe that all of our cooperative relationships, including with the CVL, will benefit by this change.”

To this end, Seanchai Library has already made a handshake agreement with CVL regarding the 2017 edition of The Dickens Project, with the CVL contributing background resources on Charles Dickens and Victorian England that will be available to all visitors.

Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park

Accessible via teleport and via water – mooring facilites for boats will be officially open soon – Seanchai Library’s location sits on the Park Walks which circle Holly Kai Park, and can easily be reached from our Welcome Area. It is also part of the park’s teleport network, and visitor to Holly Kai Park are welcome to explore the facilities as the explore the rest of Holly Kai Park.

Given all of this, I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Seanchai Library to the park. We have a strong, open dynamic in our relationship,which has seen Seanchai not only support Art at the Park through the Stories at the Park series, but also offer support for the recent Filling the Cauldron event at Holly Kai Park, with an afternoon of storytelling. As such, I’m looking forward to Holly Kai Park hosting Seanchai’s weekly programmes from late June onwards, and in working with Cale, Shandon and the rest of the Seanchai team on other collaborative ventures and activities.

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Holly Kai Estate is rated Moderate.

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