Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

Welcome to the Holly Kai Park website, where you can find all the latest news and information on Holly Kai Park, the art and events venue for the Hollywood Estates in Second Life.

What Is Holly Kai Park?

Holly Kai Park is a public space located within Holly Kai Estate on the north side of Blake Sea in the United Sailing Sims. With rolling hills, wooded footpaths, event venues, art displays, a bar, Holly Kai Park offers plenty to see and do for visitors. Our facilities comprise in brief (follow the links to find our more):

  • Art Hill: our art exhibition area on the east side of the park, and home of Art at the Park and Stories at the Park.
  • The Pavilion: a live events venue floating over the water, with a large dance floor under giant awnings and suitable for music events, dance performances.
The Pavilion
The Pavilion
  • Caitinara Bar: our subterranean bar and club with weekly music events.
  • Bumper Boats: have a little fun on the water!
  • Seanchai Library: Holly Kai Park is honoured to be the home of Seanchai Library, one of Second Life’s oldest spoken word programmes.

Accessible by water and seaplane, Holly Kai Park offers mooring for boats on the east and west sides of Holly Kai Estate, and seaplane moorings on the east side of the Estate. Auto-return is set to one hour in the moorings, and re-rezzing of boats / planes is allowed.

All visitors are invited to come ashore and explore the park and the gardens, and enjoy the art exhibitions on offer. We look forward to welcoming you soon to Holly Kai Park!

Caitinara Bar dressed for one of our regular theme nights
Caitinara Bar dressed for one of our regular theme nights

Please use the Park Facilities option in the About menu to find out more about all Holly Kai Park has to offer!

Park Guidelines for Your Enjoyment

As with any public space, there are a few guidelines we ask visitors to observe.

  • No nudity: Holly Kai is rated Moderate, and we ask that all visitors respect this and avoid public nudity and sexual acts.
  • Please respect the privacy of local residents: Holly Kai Park has a number of private residences around it. Please respect their privacy and refrain from wandering into their gardens and homes.
  • Please be civil to other visitors, and refrain from acts which might be considered harassing or being a nuisance.
  • Enjoy the park and its facilities.
Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park


All rated Moderate