Booking form

Want to host a special live event, perhaps a charity fund-raiser or group celebration. The Pavilion could be just for you. Featuring a large dance floor, surrounded by a wooden board walk with comfortable lounge-style seating areas, the Pavilion offer plenty of space and seaward views away from the region. It is available for booking for events of up to 4 hours duration (longer by arrangement).

Caitinara Bar can be booked for smaller, more intimate events.

There is no charge for booking either the Pavilion or Caitinara Bar. All we ask is should you make a booking, you consider a donation to our adopted charity, Feed A Smile, via the donation boards.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Pavilion and Caitinara Bar are provided free of charge.
    • We do accept donations on behalf of Feed a Smile, should you wish to offer a payment for using the venue.
  • Please check the Holly Kai Events Schedule for available dates when booking.
  • The Pavilion and Caitinara Bar are located in a Moderate region – therefore all activities at events booked at either venue must be in accordance with the Second Life Terms of Service and the Community Standards governing Moderate regions (no sexual acts, no nudity, etc).
  • Booking is for the venue only. You must arrange any required entertainment.
  • The venues are supplied as-is. No modifications will be made to the dance floors, building structures or seating.
    • However, the Pavilion has a 150 LI allocation for your own equipment, advertising and decorations.
    • Caitinara Bar has a 50 LI for any special equipment (DJ booths, etc.)
  • Entertainers and event organisers will require a free group slot and accept an invitation into The Holly Kai Event Group in order to set-up.
    • Set-up will not be opened more than 24 hours in advance of a booked event.
    • Any additional items set-up for an event must be removed within 24 hours of the end of the event, or risk being returned.
    • Holly Kai Park and its representatives cannot be held responsible for losses arising from returned items.
  • Only written notification of your booking by Hollykai Resident, Nber Medici or Inara Pey should be taken as confirmation it has been accepted.
  • If your booking date conflicts with another event, we will attempt to offer an alternative.
  • The venue is supplied as-is. No modifications will be made to the dance floor, structure or seating.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any booking.