Bumper Boats

Fancy a little fun on the water? Then why not hop over the Holly Kai Park’s bumper boats pool?

Located alongside the Pavilion on the west side of Holly Kai Park, the pool is free to use for 1-on-1 games or for teams of up to five per side. It’s a simple, free and fun game to play – use the bumper boats to shove the buoy into the opposing goal while defending your own – and given these are bumper boat, shoving your opponents is perfectly legitimate! You can decide the duration of a game by setting the number of points to score in order for one side or the other to win.

The Bumper Boats pool

Or if you just want to have fun bumping one another around like bumper cars on water, use the separate rezzing station to rez you boats and have fun without the need to score goals!

How To Play

  • Decide your teams and colour (red or blue).
  • Click the TO WIN section of the scoreboard and set the number of goals required to win (we recommend no more than 5).
  • Rez your boats in your team’s colour, jump in and line up at your respective goals.
  • When ready, have someone click the scoreboard and click NEW GAME > DO IT! to rez the buoy.
  • When the buoy rezzes, race to it and start trying to score goals!
The rainbow rezzer (right) for those wanting to have a little fun on the water and the Bumper Buoy scoreboard and boat rezzers for team games!