Holly Kai Gallery

Holly Kai Gallery is the largest building in Holly Kai Park. It is inspired by the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles California, from which it takes its shape. It is located towards the east side of the park, and sits on the main hill, above some of the PAC artist studios.

Holly Kai Gallery: Milly Sharple

The building has four areas: the foyer area, the two gallery wings, and and a multiple-purpose cylindrical rotunda area.

The two gallery spaces can either be used for individual exhibits of art (allowing Holly Kai to display two artists at a time) or for a single display spanning both wings.

Holly Kai Gallery

While it is not intended as a precise replica of the Griffith Observatory, Holly Kai Gallery does retain the familiar large dome of the planetarium rotunda and the two domes of the observatory’s telescopes. One of these may be open periodically to allow a glimpse of the telescope within. Between them, the domes mark the gallery’s rooftop events space, used for exhibition openings, and which can be reached either from inside the gallery via the rotunda, or via the external steps at either end of the building.

The rooftop events area with one of the observatory domes open to reveal the 12-inch telescope

The terrace in front of the gallery has been set out as formal lawns, and can be used for 3D art exhibitions and for special events and exhibitions arranged by the Phoenix Artists Collaboration.

The gallery offers one of three routes linking the east and west sides of the park, and the studio galleries of the the Phoenix Artists Collaboration, allowing visitors to tour the PAC galleries as well as visiting any exhibitions being held at Holly Kai Gallery.

Exhibitions at the gallery generally last for 4 weeks, and are advertised through these pages and via the Holly Kai and PAC in-world groups and the PAC website.

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