Seanchai Library

Situated on the south side of the marina bay is Seanchai Library, a group of storytellers, readers and voice actors who carry on the great tradition of aural storytelling through weekly schedules of readings of both popular and read books and novels and original short stories panned by their members and friends; seanchai (pr. Shawn-a-kee) being a traditional Irish storyteller/historian.

Founded in 2008 as the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Centre,  a part of the West of Ireland Charity Estate in Second Life, over the past decade Seanchai Library has presented  thousands of storytelling events and raised thousands of US Dollars for numerous charities. Over the years as well, it has formed numerous partnerships with storytelling groups and other organisations and hosts across Second Life, to present a broad ranges of readings and topics covering everything from classics through to modern tales, and covering every genre of the written word.

Seanchai Library at Holly Kai Park

From 2010 through until mid-2017, Seanchai Library was based with the Community Virtual Library (CVL), the move coming at a time the rebranding from West of Ireland Library and Cultural Centre to Seanchai Library took place. Over the last several years, Seanchai has broadened its operations, with a centre established in the Kitely grid, where they initiated the EXPLORE programme, which builds partnerships with educational and arts institutions to use virtual platforms as tools for audience development, education, exploration, dramturgy, and more. To date, three such programs have been produced, with more in the planning stages pending funding.

Seanchai joined with Holly Kai in June 2017 – and we are both honoured and proud to have them with us. Their programme at Holly Kai park is rich in weekly readings and special events (when they can make use of facilities located over the park). Their full weekly schedule is available through their website, and is reprinted in the pages of the Holly Kai blog. In addition, Seanchai continue their programme of joint ventures with groups and organisations across the grid, bringing stories to life for all who wish to listen.

The setting from Seanchai Library’s opening of their special Murder on the Orient Express series held in July / August 2018 and hosted at Holly Kai Park sky facilities

The Seanchai grounds are open to visitors to the park to explore, and the library building contains a wealth of information on Seanchai’s history and activities, and visitors are always welcome to quietly join an audience during a reading or event. The Library’s ground can be reached from both the east side waterfront of the park, and via the Holly Kai Gallery gardens.

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