Phoenix Artists Collaboration

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration is a community of artists and their patrons working together to promote and encourage artistic expression and creativity through and in Second Life.

Membership of the group is free, and individual studio galleries are offered free of charge to members at both Holly Kai Park and the Cherished Melody art garden. In addition, PAC organise exhibitions and events, including art exhibitions at the Holly Kai Art Gallery and elsewhere. 

You can find out more about PAC, including information on participating artists,  PAC events and social activities, etc., via the official Phoenix Artists Collaboration website, or visit the PAC / Holly Kai Park Welcome Centre.

PAC studio galleries at Holly Kai Park

PAC at Holly Kai Park

Holly Kai Park has 28 studio galleries for use by PAC artists (subject to availability). The Park is also home to PAC group exhibitions and also 3D art displays. In addition, Caitinara Bar on the east side of the park is used to offer members music social events, and other activities might be offered at the park from time-to-time.

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