Stories at the Park 3: inspired by Anibrm Jung

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About Anibrm

Anibrm Jung
Anibrm Jung

In the physical world, Anibrm Jung is an award-winning photographer for her sensitive and vibrant portraits of nature’s works of art.

Using only natural light and her Nikon D60 digital camera she captures the intimate detail of the life bursting forth in her garden. Framing at the viewfinder, Ani uses no cropping or image manipulation, allowing us to see exactly as she sees and to feel the closeness to nature that is her joy.

Ani, 47, is from the Netherlands and has been active in SL since December, 2006


Stories and Poems

Joy of a Moment – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Bell

Bell by Anibrm Jung
Bell by Anibrm Jung

Float, float, float
as you will
air your ocean
current take you
bouncing make

Drift, drift, drift
pearlescent reflect
share vision
never judge
what you see.

Fly, fly, fly
free from care
without restraint
roiling fisheye
airborne gem.

Until POP!

Just a brief memory
of liberty
ebulliently born
on a fickle wind.

Chronoscope – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by Bell

The Chronoscope allows you to peer back in time.

Just set the coordinates and activate the viewer bridge.

The probe manifests in the past as a small bubble for an infinitely brief period of time.

For safety reasons, the probe cannot scroll forward or backward in time.

This would risk damaging the probe, which would flash forward in time as a catastrophic energy wave.

I show my students so many historical moments, but most of all, they want to see trees and grass and rivers.

Back before the energy wave burned the world, while we watched from Lunar Base One.

Soap Bubble – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by Bell

I’ve bought a lot of cat toys over the years.  They were all a waste of money.

One of the silliest was a catnip-infused soap water to make bubbles with. Instead of the cats catching the scent of the bubbles and chasing them, they’d just sit there and ignore the bubbles.

Or, I’d blow the bubbles into the cat’s face, and they’d run from the annoying wet onslaught on their whiskers. “What’s wrong with you idiots?” I’d groan at the cats.

If the cats could talk, they’d ask the same of me, paying for this soapy water instead of treats.

Pollinator’s Soliloquy – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Busy Days

(with apologies to William Shakespeare)

To Bee?  Or not to Bee?
Is that a question?
Whether ’tis nobler on the wing to serve
without question an adamant imperialism
Or to take flight and seek out a new shore,
more equitable self-ness. To slave- to toil-
No more; and by toil we mean those endless
tasks for a sometimes crank, chimerical
Queen, rendering humble servitude
mindlessly. Tis a pollination
Devoutly to be wish’d. To work- to toil-
To work no more to drone: ay, there’s the buzz!
For in that singular state what dangers loom
as we shuffle off security of hive
must give us pause.

Worker Bee – Trolley Trollop

Inspired by Busy Days

I am a worker bee. From the time I take my maiden flight from the safety of my birthing cell, I spend my life searching for flowers whose pollen I collect and spread among the blossoms to keep the plants healthy and alive. In return, the flowers give up nectar I carry back to the hive and give to other bees who have the job of transforming it into honey to feed the hungry hive.

The weather is cooling. Winter is coming. There’s no time to sleep. I must provide for my family. Then I can die, my work done.

Inclusion – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Gold Water

All born of the same energy, a fluctuation of the deep
singing and surging, formed and forming,
influenced by everything it meets, and
impacting all.

The next wave.  The next moon. The next storm.
Pulled and pulling, running headlong towards
an end – some fading, some crashing.
All exhausted.

Yet out of the vastness, so many waves
Some ripples, some menacing towers of strength,
some mere shifting in salty water, and yet
all are required in the existence of an ocean.

Message in a Bottle – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by Gold Water

I wrote a note, put it in a bottle, and sealed it with a cork.
Then, I drove to the beach and parked the car.
It took a few minutes to walk to the shore.
The gulls were gliding in the breeze, circling over and over.
With all of my strength, I threw the bottle as far as I could into the water.
The bottle smashed against a rock.
I shrugged, walked back to the car, and drove home.
It’s not like they would have been able to read the note.
I was really, really drunk when I wrote it.

Weeds – R. Crap Mariner

inspired by Magriet

Magriet by Anibrm Jung
Magriet by Anibrm Jung

Denise was a smart kid in a poor school district.
Every year, money went to the football team.
Instead of textbooks, science labs, and other academic resources.
Because colleges wanted athletes, not students.
For AP classes, Denise took a bus across town to the rich kids’ school.
Up early, home late.
Studying, while everyone else was at the game.
For years, she bred dandelions in her back yard.
Carefully selecting the toughest weeds, with the deepest roots.
And spread their seeds on the football field.
They quickly crowded out the grass.
Even when the district re-sodded, it came up weeds.


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