Stories at the Park 3: inspired by Giovanna Cerise

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About Giovanna

Giovanna Cerise
Giovanna Cerise

Giovanna Cerise is one of Second Life’s most celebrated 2D and 3D artists. An Italian literature teacher and musician, Giovanna joined Second Life in 2008, and her art has been widely displayed both in Second Life and the physical world. Working on both individual pieces and large-scale installations, Giovanna frequently combines her passion for literature and music with her art, as can be seen from her installations such as Tristan und Isolde (reviewed here) and Soul of Colours (which is reviewed here).

Giovanna has exhibited at numerous Second Life Birthday celebrations, at the LEA, with the University of Western Australia, at Split Screen, MetaLES, and more, as well as participating in BURN 2 and 2LEI, and exhibitions opposing violence against women. In the physical world, her work has featured in exhibitions at locations such as Arte Fiera di Padova, alongside the work of artist Patrick Moya (aka Moya Janus), the  Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and at The Projecto, Nucleo de Desonvilmento Cultural na Republica das artes in Portugal. He art has also been included in the book Sfiorami l’anima, by the poetess Cinzia Dipace. 

Stories and Poems

Dark Moon – Trolley Trollop

Inspired by Dark Moon

Dark Moon by Giovanna Cerise
Dark Moon by Giovanna Cerise

Earthlings! They send their puny skycraft, their lumbering explorers encased in heavy suits that give them the illusion of control as they move about tethered to primitive tools they trust to be their eyes, their appendages to explore my surfaces.

They dare to biopsy my crust, thinking I am so foolish as to let them sample my true self. They haul their trophies back to their realm triumphant. Endless analysis. Endless speculation. Endless plans to extract wealth from bits of me they have gathered at such huge cost.

What fools they be. I have given them naught but fool’s gold.

Singularity – R. Crap Mariner

inspired by Ice Castle

Ice Castle by Giovanna Cerise
Ice Castle by Giovanna Cerise

After years of research, Doctor Odd invented The Singularity.

“You can upload your mind into this computer, and you’ll live forever,” he said.

The rich and famous gave him trillions of dollars as he hooked them to The Singularity and uploaded their minds.

Then, he turned off the machines, and sold their catatonic bodies on the organ transplant black market.

Some collectors asked about other uses for their bodies. The indecent proposals were shocking.

“That’s disgusting,” said Doctor Odd. “I may be a crook, but I’m not a sicko.”

Besides, he’d seen “Kill Bill.” God forbid Uma Thurman woke up.

The Moment  – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by La Bonne Chance

One hand reaching,
asking, imploring, inviting.
Looking for connection amid all
little connected nothings that fill
the empty spaces in the universe,
but not our lives.

One hand pointing,
indicting, indicating, defining.
You are “them,” I am “we.”
We don’t mix with them,
don’t reach, touch, soil ourselves
with other humanities.

Two hands dance in singularity,
together and alone, switching places,
maintaining a prescribed distance.
Antique lovers long before they
are allowed to waltz,
and learn dangerous secrets.

Then a chance touch,
accidental spark
all those dormant connections
light up
an aurora of understanding,
a universe not quite as empty.

La Bonne Chance – Trolley Trollop

Inspired by La Bonne Chance

“Place your bets! Place your bets!

“The house will pay! The house will pay!

“Three shells and a pea! The odds are with you friends!

“Step up! Step up!

“The house will pay! The house will pay!”

And so it goes.  The thimble-rig team moves from place to place with their pretty polished shells and burnished balls. Their wallets grow fat. Their bellies are filled, but their appetites remain controlled, for they have no wish to overstay their welcome and risk discovery of their con. It is enough to take just enough to make the mark come back for more.

A Delicate Balance – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Giovanna Cerise
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Giovanna Cerise

“It’s my turn now.”

“Are you sure? I hope I am not too heavy.”

“Nonsense, this is how it works: you support me, I support you in turn.”

The strings that weave their live together: picking up the newspaper, doing the dishes, paying the phone and utilities, mowing the grass, long days at work, the kids, elusive quiet moments alone together. Each delicate point of connection shifts, reconnects, until a new balance is achieved.

“See, you are not so heavy after all.  Love lightens you. I mean, how heavy was I?”

“Um, well. Is that one of those trick question?”

Soaring High – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by The Unbearable Lightness of Being

When I was little, my mother would lay on her back and lift me in the air.

I’d spread my arms, and pretend I was a a jet airplane.

“ZOOOOOOOOOOM!” said my mother.

“ZOOOOOOOOOOM!” I repeated. “I’m an airplane!”

“Now flap your arms,” my mother said. “You’re a bird. A big bird.”

I’d flap my arms and pretend I was a bird, flying high in the air.

And then…

“Put me down!” I’d shout. “Put me down.”

So, my mother lowered me to the ground.

Then I ran into the garage, dropped my pants, and shit on the car’s windshield.

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