Stories at the Park 3: inspired by John Brianna

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About John

John Brianna (Johannes1977 Resident) is a veritable powerhouse in Second Life. He is the founder of the Kultivate family of brands focusing on SL art and fashion, and is the owner / curator / operator of the Windlight Art Gallery in-world. He is also a member of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Advisory Board.

john-briannaIn 2015, John co-founded Team Diabetes in Second Life, officially representing and supporting the American Diabetes Association. And if all this weren’t enough, he is also a DJ and club owner!

In the physical world, John serves as an officer in the United States Marines, and has been deployed to Iraq twice and once to Afghanistan. While on deployment, he would take photographs as a means of documenting his view of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, some of which have been featured in exhibitions in-world. His broader catalogue of photography and art, which mixes both the physical world and the virtual, has been widely displayed across Second Life.

Stories and Poems

Around the Lake – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Neuenstein #1

Neuenstein #1 by John Brianna
Neuenstein #1 by John Brianna

This was her favorite part of each day.  She’d escape from the barely controlled madness of the house, from everybody who wanted something now, Now NOW.  The walk around the lake was soothing.  The path almost obscured the house through a veil of trees.

She’d come to consider them her guardians, these trees.  Even in winter they reached their barren arms skyward, filling the air between her and the great house, fending off intrusion from this, her only waking moment of solace.

Pattering feet sounded on the path ahead, and then a pale panicked face. So much for today’s peace.

Schloss Neuenstein – Trolley Trollop

Inspired by Neuenstein #2

You are looking well Schloss Neuenstein. Your walls are intact, your gardens manicured, your place secure.

I gave my life that it would be so.

I was that American airman who guided his crippled Flying Fortress away from your walls, crashing into a nearby field. Parts of me landed within your park, but only one of my legs was recovered and buried an ocean’s distance from my home in the American state of Pennsylvania. My crew? I made sure they had time to bail out. I prayed they escaped capture by your countrymen.

War wounds heal but slowly. Take care.

Still – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Neuenstein #3

Neuenstein #3 by John Brianna
Neuenstein #3 by John Brianna

Still water
Still leaves
Silent windows
Caressing breeze

Still standing
Still stone
Steadfast presence
All alone

Still reflections
Still fleeting
Hours passing
yet repeating

Still for now
Still endeavour
till dust returns
and stills forever

Hampton Hills R. Crap Mariner

inspired by Neuenstein #4

Hampton Hills.
Mansions, guest houses, long driveways, fences and gates.
Gardens tended by gardeners nobody sees, pools nobody swims in.
Perfectly mowed lawns that have never seen a picnic.
Boats that haven’t left their docks in years, if ever.
There are no public schools. Kids went to boarding schools in Switzerland of France.
When there were kids.
They live in the city, work in the city.
And talk about “the place in the country.”
But never find the time. Never make the time.
Another gallery opening, another show to see.
Another merger or millions to make.
While Hampton Hills sleeps.


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