Stories at the Park 4: inspired by Maxie Daviau

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About Maxie

Maxi Daviau

Maxie Daviau is a photographer, explorer, sim holder – she runs The Mill with partner Shakespeare (Skinnynilla) – and more.

Maxie’s photography ranges from landscape studies to avatar studies, through to personal studies of her times with Shakespeare, all which she presents in a range of styles demonstrating her richness of talent and versatility in approaching her images, as can be seen via her Flickr stream.

“I have always loved and been amazed at the creativity in this virtual world,” Maxie says of Second Life. “Exploring and taking pictures has always been my main hobby in Second Life.”

Stores and Poems

A sonnet by Aoife Lorefield

Inspired by Foggy Swamp

Foggy Swamp by Maxie Daviau, on Flickr Foggy Swamp by Maxie Daviau

The winter tree, its branches gnarled and grey,
square to the light as if a supplicant
praying for the warmth of one more day,
twisted fingers raised in silent chant.
This rocky ledge, where is the water here?
What nourishment, what solace, what support
can rise through frozen granite, bleakly austere?
Its grasses dry, their life in death cut short.
Behind the supplicant oak, red rocks stand high,
a castle hides atop the ring of stone,
its wall intact, but outpost towers blind,
the slate-roofed hall stands cold, left now alone.
Yet deep within the stone, a pulse remains.
Strong roots can reach the life it still contains.

Free Rent – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by Foggy Swamp

They say that if you cannot forgive someone and forget the past, you are allowing them to live rent-free in your head.

Which is fine by me, because despite the free rent, I charge a fortune for the electric and water.

Oh, and I don’t allow cable or satellite dishes. Or pets.

The schools are lousy in the neighbourhood. Lots of crime.

Horrible traffic, lousy cell reception, and no WiFi anywhere.

It’s practically a prison cell, a pit in a dungeon.

No hope of escape at all.

The torment you will suffer in my head is nothing compared to mine.

Contrast by Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Foggy Swamp

“It’s an interesting dichotomy, don’t you think?” she asks.

The mouse clicks away, with the occasional key stroke, “I don’t know what you mean.  What dichotomy?”

“Well, code is still quite new.  Zero and One, they are not, but the use of them in binary is relatively new, just four centuries.”

He stretches and retextures an object, underlying it with an amber gray to fit his scene in creation.  “So?”

“Code is new.  Electronic computing newer.” She points to where the placement of boulders and grass is being adjusted. “Yet, we work so hard to instil it with organic antiquity.”

The Gate by Robjin – In English

Inspired by Neverfar

This gate no longer guards a thriving city.

No longer do sentries keep watch, surveying splendid caravans rolling in and out.

While the Empire plunged into disorder, frontiers shifted to the north.

The companies of marksmen all departed, leaving this town vulnerable to the tribesmen in the hills.

Like preying vultures swarming down, on agile horses, they picked the city clean.

See nature now reclaim its spot. Gate towers crumble. Grass fills the cracks in cobbled roads.

Trees conquer open space outside the city, once used for citizens’  leisure or the training of the troops.

So heedless men’s imperium perishes.

The Gate by Robjin – In Dutch

Niet langer waakt de poort over de toegang tot een prachtige stad.

Schildwachten staan niet meer op post, zien rijke caravanen niet langer gaan of komen

Toen het Rijk verviel in chaos schoven de grenzen naar het noorden.

De schuttersvendels trokken weg, lieten de stad alleen, kwetsbaar voor de stammen in de heuvels.

Als gieren zwermden die omlaag, op vinnige paardjes, en pikten alles kaal.

De natuur herwint zijn plaats. De stadspoort vervalt. Gras groeit op gekasseide wegen.

Bomen groeien terug op open plekken, buiten de stad, waar burgers ooit vermeiden, soldaten exerceerden.

Zo achteloos vergaat de macht des mensen.

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