Stories at the Park 4: inspired by Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla)

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About Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla)

Shakespeare (Skinnynilla)
Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla)

Shakespeare joined Second Life in 2013, and from the start photography became a core part of his life here,

Sharing his work through his Flickr stream, he has gained a deserved reputation for a keen in in both landscape and avatar studies, gathering a large following in the process.

“I love so see what all residents create here, and I capture it according to me mood,” he says of his work and his travels across the grid.

Shakespeare is also a keen landscaper, sharing The Mill, a homestead region with his partner Maxie Daviau. Anyone who has visited The Mill will know that it is as much a demonstration of the breadth of creative talent Shakepeare and Maxi share.

Stories and Poems

Elephantless R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by Coconut Island

After the elephants went extinct, people started seeing the ghosts of elephants everywhere.

In the empty enclosures at the zoo…

In the middle of traffic…

In elevators…

In restaurants…

They weren’t mass delusions, because everybody saw them. When an elephant ghost appeared on television, everybody saw it.

The elephants just stood there, minding their own business. They’d fan their ears, dip their trunks, turn their heads to one side or the other. And then slowly vanish again.

Scientists have frozen elephant sperm, eggs, and embryos. But they’re not sure how to gestate them into elephants.

Until then, the ghosts appear.

Curiosity – Robjin

Inspired by Neva River

What’s this, what’s this?  It’s new, it wasn’t here before.  I can’t remember anything like it.

When I touch it with my paw it doesn’t move. It’s not alive. Can I eat it? Did ‘my people’ put it here ?  When I flick it, it falls sideways. I can look inside. What’s in it?

Can I eat it? I touch it with my raspy tongue, with trembling whiskers. Naaah. Nothing here for this cat. I’ll go nap again.

They often say curiosity killed the cat. But they never mention how plain down to earth it can be, to be so curious.

Neva River
Neva River

Cats’ Play #1 Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Neva River

“It’s in there!  I know it’s in there, and it’s MINE!
If I just concentrate, and . . . there!  It’s over and . . .
Hey! Wait!  I still can’t reach it, my tongue won’t . . .
Tipping.  Tipping. T-i-p-p-i-n-g.  Almost there.
Almost . . . yum.  Just a little more.

“Hey!  Bird!  Did I hear a bird?  Did I see a bird?
Hey Birdieeeee, wanna come out and play?
Hmm.  Not a bird.  Not even close to a bird.
Though Bird sounds nice just now, nice and crunchy.
If I just had something to drink with it.”

Something – Aoife Lorefield

Inspired by Rains of Kastamere

Through the grasses, green fields growing
stalk the lions of Kastamere
golden pelts in sunshine gleaming
amber glowing eyes like embers
smoothly padding, sun and shadow
king and queen, high-couraged kinfolk
power and pride of Kastamere
One behind them, burning brother
silent scourge of sky and city
seldom seen, a secret presence
guarding gold in Kastamere
scaled and scouring, sculpted soldier
nightmare none can take or know
These the guardians, these the greatest
legends lived in Kastamere

Rains of Kastamere
Rains of Kastamere

Don’t Trust the Dragon! – Robjin

Inspired by Rains of Kastamere

Don’t trust the Dragon king. Don’t turn Your back on him, or he’ll burn You down (not that he wouldn’t try to do that when You look him straight into the eyes).

He is this world’s greatest liar. But he did win, against odds.  Because so many wanted to believe his lies, wanted to see You as devious royal felines, dubious aristocrats. So now it is no longer the era of Asian, it is the time of Smaug.

His overlord position will magnify ‘by power’ who he really is.

May God keep us now in the palm of her hand.

Cats’ Play #2 – Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by Rains of Kastamere

“Something’s out there!  I know it is, do you hear it?”

“I do. If I can focus, maybe . . . there!  It’s over there . . . ”

“No. You always do this. Why do you think we do the hunting while you loll in the sun?”

“It’s not that bad, not that far off, is it?”

“Well, lest we forget the incident with the bird?”

“Maybe its a bird this time?”

“Not a bird.  Not even close to a bird.”

“Sounds big and crunchy for a bird.”

“And right behind us, AND thirty feet high.”

“Oh. Maybe not.”

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