Stories at the Park 4: inspired by Terrygold

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About Terrygold

terrygold“I do not like to say I am an artist,” says Terrygold of her work. “In my spare time I make photos in which at time, a quick idea – like a flash – is a starting point. I develop the idea, and the trip begins.”

It’s a disarming statement, made in all genuine modesty, by a true talent within Second Life. Terry’s work, which I’ve covered on numerous occasions in my own blog, is never anything less than utterly captivating in form, style and presentation.

Rich in narrative, unique in approach, Terry’s work is attractive, and I am genuinely thrilled to see her work on display at Holly Kai Park.

Stories and Poems

BDSM #1 – R. Crap Mariner

nudo-piastrelle-2-acqua_001Inspired by nudo piastrelle 2 acqua

Down in the dungeon.
That’s where Caroline goes every Friday.
Her hands, bound to the tile walls.
Her ankles, shackled to the floor.
A ballgag in her mouth.
Hot candle wax on her skin.
And a rubber plug in her ass.
No tears. No whimpers.
Sometimes, they whip her.
Other times, they spray her with the fire hose.
Then there’s the times they make microwave popcorn where she can hear it and smell it and can’t do anything about it.
And then they whip her some more.
When it’s all over, they give her the bill.
That’s when she screams.

BDSM #2 (Dom’s Viewpoint) – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by nudo piastrelle 2 acqua

Down in the dungeon.
That’s where Caroline goes every Friday to play.
Binding the customer’s hands to the tile on the walls.
Shackling her ankles to the floor.
Popping a ballgag into her mouth.
Dripping a candle on to her skin.
Stuffing a rubber plug in her ass.
She listens… no crying, no whimpering.So, she whips the girl.
Sprays her with the fire hose.
She takes a break, and makes microwave popcorn. Lets the girl smell it, and gives her nothing.
Finally, she tallies up the evening’s bill, and shows it to the girl.
That’s when she screams.

Pendolo 1 by Aoife Lorefield

Inspired by pendolo 1

Suspended there
the massless rod rammed through her
frictionless pivot
she traces the movement of the earth
her path a series of grace-filled curves
cold when idealized
and still
the source of time
which is life
in motion
for she is never truly
she is moving
out of her box
into the world
in time

Cracked – R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by Schiena Crepe 1

Word came to Prague that Emperor Rudolf was about to order a massacre. So Rabbi Loew dredged clay from the river and constructed a golem.  Placing the shem in its mouth, “Protect us, Yosef,” ordered the holy man.

And the monster did, smiting and repelling hundreds of soldiers. Word came to Prague that Emperor Rudolf had made a wife for the golem. Even if it was just a beautiful statue, that didn’t matter to the monster. It went mad with desire, smiting hundreds more.

Rabbi Loew somehow managed to remove the shem.

And he waited for the soldiers to come.

Riot Girl R. Crap Mariner

Violino 3
Violino 3

Inspired by violino 3

At the protest, Cindy threw a rock at a cop. It bounced off of his riot shield and came back at Cindy. It struck her in the forehead, knocking her out cold.

Cindy woke up in an ambulance, handcuffed to the stretcher.

“It’s going to be a while,” said the paramedic standing over her. “Your friends have all of the roads blocked.”

That’s when the ambulance started to rock back and forth.

“Shit!” said the driver. “Get out!” He bolted from his door, while the paramedic escaped from the back.

Cindy screamed as the stretcher tipped over, breaking her neck.

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