Stories at the Park 5: inspired by Fingers Scintilla

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Stories and Poems

Wednesday by Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by: The Arivel

An empty day in a new city.  All a foreign landscape, windows barren of familiarity and walls reflecting a strange planet’s foreboding light.  My little life, full of its histories, hopes, toils, and desires seemed squeezed into a diminutive pill jar with the lid child-proof, and securely snapped. I was the child of the day.

A door swings open in that urban desolation, disturbing my civic solitude.  An unknown face with friendly eyes, a greeting unlooked for. “Hi there!  You look lost.  Can I help you?”

A golden sunbeam, and a whiff of fresh air. Thursday coming, sooner than expected.

The Arviel

George at the mountains of madness by R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by: The Arivel

George was a pirate, but he wasn’t a very good pirate.

His navigation skills were awful, and the ship ran aground on Antarctica.

Members of the crew who left to hunt giant penguins for food mysteriously vanished.

George himself led a rescue team, only to discover the hunting party’s horribly mutilated corpses.

Further George went, coming upon the wall of a strange stone city.

Pools of bubbling, putrid masses, babbling insane nonsense.

“The Elder Things,” mumbled the first mate, before he tore out his own eyes.

George ordered a retreat and, for years, warned others never to sail there again.

Omentum by Trolley Trollop

Inspired by: Untitled

Born twins, the midwife crossed herself as each pushed his way from his mother’s body, each face covered by a thin membrane that reminded her of the lacy caul fat she used to wrap the sausages she made after hogs were butchered.

The membrane gave way to rough towels, but the damage was done. Their mother shunned them for their accident of birth. Their father deemed them not of his making. The midwife wrapped them and took them first to village priest and then to a wet nurse who would feed them with her body. She had done her duty.


The Other Side of Me by Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by: Untitled

All the things I am,
the things I value:
kindness, tolerance,
patience, understanding.
All lead to me at my highest, my best.
This I believe.
This I know.
Except, when they do not.

When comfortable accommodation,
casual expectations
become the entitlement
for others,
Another me emerges.
The one that screams.
Shredding inconsiderateness,
raging at failures to communicate
howling “pay attention, damn it!”

Until the better me whispers,
“Don’t be such a drama queen.
Use your energies with greater wisdom.”
And the “you know better” factor
asserts its calming influence
my planet shifts, and I become
the other me once more.


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