Stories at the Park 5: inspired by Graham Collinson

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About Graham


Graham Collinson is a Norse Viking currently living in Bergen, Norway. He claims he is not good with boats, but who has ever seen a Varangian on the Volga or Viking on the coast of Normandie who could not set a trim sail?

Graham is a craftsman by preference and sees his photography as an expression of his tool-using skill. The aesthetic is something that happens in the moment, he says, and we think he has many such moments. The beauty comes from his techniques with no added editing.

Portraiture and capturing the well-conceived builds in Second Life are Graham’s metier. You will see in his photography an uncanny “softness” which comes from his amazing eye for the lighting in a scene or playing over an avatar.

Ernie Farstrider

Stores and Poems

When I am Fabulous by Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by: Fairy


I am determined.  Someday it will happen, probably when I least expect it.  Hopefully.  That’s when I might need it most.

Wash water and dust bunnies will dissolve in rays of silver light. Neglected laundry and the gray film on the kitchen floor will vanish in the displaced air of pleated lace wings.  The inbox pile and the imperative post-it notes will surrender to the shining creep of golden filigree, and I will blossom into a goddess of unspeakable power and endless accomplishment. I will be beautiful, powerful, fearsome to behold, and utterly fabulous.

Then, inevitably, the phone will ring.

I Bought Me Some Beauty By Trolley Trollop

Inspired by: for Lead Me into the Light

With high-riding breasts and buttocks, plumped lips and a gold charm dangling from a perfectly shaped and placed navel, her skin is buffed smooth. Her expression is practiced bonhomie, the result of an artist’s discipline to perfect her appeal. Hips sync to the sound of the surf, high-arched feet mark the sand. A mane of fine hair mingles a hundred shades of blond reflecting sunlight as only a natural blond can.

The indignity of a hundred procedures completed, she walks a tropical beach billed as the world’s most romantic alone, complete unto herself: Model 222 neatly stamped on the charm.

“Lead Me Into The Light”

Untitled by R. Crap Mariner

Inspired by: Lead me into the light

George was a pirate, but he wasn’t a very good pirate.

He seemed distracted, looking out over the rail and staring at… nothing.

Only George knew what he was looking at… the memory of a beautiful woman, walking naked on the beach.

But he said nothing. He just stared.

So, the rest of the crew looked out over the rail and stared.

Nobody noticed the British Navy frigate closing in from the other side.

However, as they approached, they saw the pirates all staring, and they too stared that way..

No shots were fired, and the ships slowly drifted apart.

Sisters by Caledonia Skytower

Inspired by: Athenia by Graham Collinson


Remember when we used to cuddle up together, a clump of blonde hair and girlish giggles?  When the borderlands between “you” and “me” were hazy and undefined?

This was long before you became the “smart” one, and I became the “artsy” one.  It predates who was popular and who was cum laude.  Your Phd and the reviews of my first exhibition were not the genesis of a single thought back then.

All we knew was that I was yours, and you were mine.  We were different and the same, an unmatched set.  We belonged to each other.  We still do.


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