Stories at the Park: guidelines for writers

If you would like to submit pieces for Stories at the Park, and either read read them yourself, or have them read on your behalf:

  1. Visit the art exhibition on the hill at Holly Kai Park and view the current exhibition and note the date of the next Stories at the Park event (indicated on the signs at the Storyteller’s Circle in the centre of the exhibition area.
  2. Contact Caledonia Skytower  of Seanchai Library or Inara Pey of Holly Kai Park via notecard, expressing your interest, and whether you would like to read you own work or have it read for you.
  3. Write about the pieces that inspire you. You can submit more than one item, but keep in mind:
    • Stories must be EXACTLY 100 words in length.
    • Poems can be UP TO 100 words, but no longer, and in any format  (blank verse, iambic pentameter, haiku, sonnet, whatever appeals).
    • Please provide a title for each piece submitted.
  4. Submit all your entries via notecard to Caledonia Skytower or Inara Pey at least 4 days before the date of the next Stories at the Park event.
  5. Depending on the number of entries received, there may not be time to read all of them, so if submitting more than one poem or story, please indicate your order of preference for them being read, with 1 = being your first choice of story / poem to be read. We will always endeavour to read at least one story and one poem where authors make multiple submissions of both.

Happy writing!