Stories at the Park: inspired by Io Bechir

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About Io Bechir

Io Bechir“My hope is to communicate my impressions with regard to my experiences here over the past three years,” Io says of her display at Holly Kai Park.

“During this time period I fell in love. I met some amazing and wonderful friends. I suffered a broken heart. I came to realise my own strength. I took up sailing. I found my voice as an artist, and discovered new ways to express my Self in this limitless space of ethereal light and imagination. Probably, many of the same experiences you have had.”

The result is an evocative and highly personal series of images, rich in colour, context and narrative, each one very much a story – a chapter, perhaps – in its own right. Thus Io’s display becomes an autobiography in images, embodying each of them with a power to reach deeper into us than had then been merely posed for an audience. Through them we are offered the opportunity to join with Io’s exploration of Self and share in her discoveries.

Stories and Poems

A Matter of Perspective by Caledonia Skytower

(for Doin’ Time)

I know what he’s thinking. “An enigma wrapped up in a mystery,” and he’s intrigued.  At least I think he is.

Doin' Time by Io Bechir, Holly Kai
Doin’ Time by Io Bechir, Art at the Park, April 2016

Would it be the same if I were dragging the trash to the can, shifting laundry, or if I was between him and the beer at the market?  Or after three days in bed with a head cold, as I point vaguely at the medicines and mutter, “I just want the one that works.”

 It’s all very sexy right now, when we don’t know.  But really, will we ever?  And what’s more, could we build a life despite that?

 My Minds Eye by Kayden Oconnell

(for My Mind’s Eye)

My Mind's Eye by Io Bechir, Holly Kai
My Mind’s Eye by Io Bechir, Holly Kai

Dancing in mood light forever
forever young with an unburdened heart
Heart without caution or reason
reason can tear you apart

Apart from the dreams you surrendered
surrendered with willing regret
Regret there was youthful ambition
ambition you’d quickly forget.

Forget dancing with stars too demanding
demanding too much of your time
Time only flows to tomorrow
tomorrow has verses to rhyme.

Rhyme me a song to remember
remember how we came to be
Be soft in the vision you carry
carry my mind’s eye in all that you see.

The Easy Mask by Caledonia Skytower

(for Why So Serious?)

It is so easy . . .

Why So Serious by Io Bechir, Holly Kai
Why So Serious? by Io Bechir, Holly Kai

The painting of the mask,
adorning with bright flowers –
a scent to disguise your doubts.
Act outrageous!
Be the source of mirth,
the first to laugh.
Let your humour be the object
that lifts spirits,
while you struggle
holding the shards of your psyche
together with grease paint.

It feels so good when it’s happening.
A narcotic billow of joy,
the comforting forgetfulness.
Then the audience fades away.
Fleeing, soul drained,
you peel away the layers
of protective laughter
and assumed merriment.

It’s still you there, beneath it all.

It is so easy, you see.

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Note: all written works by Caledonia Skytower ©2016 by Judith Cullen and all works by Kayden Oconnell © 2016 by Kevin Lee. Reproduced with the permission of the authors. If you plan to reblog any or all of the poems and stories, please ensure you have the authors’ written consent first.

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